Up, up and away!

Allure… Here we come!

Cruising tip: if you’re flying to port it’s recommended to fly in a day before and stay one night in a hotel. We took a redeye that ended up being delayed – but no worries as we flew in a day early!


our girls loved having personal tvs in their airplane seats and coloring! What are your go-to items for flying with litte ones?

We’re baaaack!

We’re excited to announce that after a year without cruising for many reasons, the countdown is on and we’re about 30 days out from our next adventure! Any guesses where we might be headed this time?!

Cruise hack for littles!


Cruising in a tight space can make it difficult when you have littles.  On our recent cruise we turned the couch around to face the wall to create a secure “bed” that our toddler wouldn’t fall out from.  It was a cozy space and we made it slightly more private by hanging an extra sheet with magnets from the ceiling!! Perfect toddler bed on a cruise.

Turn the couch around to face the wall!

Packing Tips from The Cruising Kids!

We’ve been quiet lately as we were sailing on board Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas! We have found some helpful packing tips and cruising hacks along the way and we wanted to share them with our followers! Check out our list of 20 items we can’t cruise without (except diapers – thankfully we’re done with those!).

A list of 20 items we can’t cruise without!

What would you add or remove from this list for your perfect family cruise?

Here’s a copy of the list in case the image is hard to read:

1. Water shoes for whole family (our favorites are Native brand shoes)
2. Hook Magnets for walls & ceilings
3. Over door shoe organizer
4. Lanyards for kids
5. BIG beach bag for towels (love the $1.00 from tj maxx or Marshall’s)
6. Favorite toys/blankets/etc to help kids fall asleep
7. Take n toss cups or sippy cups & reusable water bottles
8. Pens/highlighters for cruise compass
9. Extra swim suits for whole family
10. Small plastic bags for diapers/wet clothes (we use a roll of dog poop bags)
11. Towel clips
12. Mattress covers for bed wetters
13. Business cards with our family email address to hand out to new friends we meet
14. Swimmies/puddle jumpers/life jackets
15. Small stroller or baby carrier
16. Packing cubes – color coded per family member
17. Luggage identifiers/tags with name and address (bright colors!)
18. Dish soap! For washing cups & Bathing suits in the sink
19. Medicines – Tylenol, cough, motion sickness
20. Diapers/wipes = daily use average + 20% for duration of the trip


Time Flies!

We’ve been so busy with the Holidays that we haven’t posted lately… and it’s hard to believe our cruise on board the Navigator of the Seas is coming up in less than 30 days! I suppose it’s time to start packing again. It’s going to be hard going back to an interior room after our Royal Family Suite experience last month on board the Allure of the Seas but we’re excited anyway! Our youngest just turned 3 so she can finally join her sister in Adventure Ocean on this next cruise – definitely cause for celebration!

In other news we have officially booked our plane tickets to Barcelona for our cruise on the brand new Symphony of the Seas in a few months! Eeek we are so excited!!! Stay tuned!!!

Allure of the Seas 2017

We recently completed our second cruise on Allure of the Seas. Our original itinerary was changed due to the devastation caused by the Hurricanes so our ports were Nassau, Bahamas; Labadee, Haiti; and Falmouth, Jamaica.

The biggest change this year was that we were upgraded from a Junior Suite Guarantee to a Royal Family Suite (cabin 9644) – 2 bed/2 bath with large balcony. This is a Sky Class Suite which came with a bunch of extra perks and benefits – and we loved every minute of it! We are definitely looking forward to cruising the “suite” life again in the future. More details and pictures to come soon!



Our next cruise on board the amazing Allure of the Seas is less than 10 days away! It’s time to start packing.


What at are some of your favorite cruise essentials?

Passport Hack!

Family Passport Hack!


We are packing for our next cruise and I was trying to brainstorm a clever way to identify each passport. After much thought… I decided to try using some of the girls hair ties and it worked perfectly! I put the hair tie on the photo page for quick reference and each color designates who the passport belongs to!


I hope this hack helps you as you prepare for your next family vacation!


See You at Sea!

Less than 30 Days Away!!!

We are now less than 4 weeks away from our next Cruise! How far in advance do you begin packing for your next adventure? Stay tuned for some helpful packing tips when cruising with kids to be posted to our YouTube Channel… We can’t wait to share with you!


Until then… check out our latest uploads from last year’s cruise on Allure of the Seas on YouTube!